One Smooth Token

Get visibility into how your token valuation impacts your month over month financials.

Some of our token customers

Track token value and monthly financials to make better decisions
Tailor token agreements with vesting for contributors/employees
An overview of your tokens on the balance sheet & P&L

A token accountant

There were 120 tokens issues this week.
Stock Option
Stock Unit
Keep track of your monthly token payments to make the right decisions.
Vesting token schedules for employees
Real time token tracking and valuation
Correctly booking the token in your accounting
Meeting Janine, Token Tax Advisor
Token Pool
200,000 USD
Tokens Vested
-55,000 USD
Structure your token pool to minimise token tax for your contributors/employees
Advisory on when to excertise tokens
Valuation of tokens for sale purposes
Token sales to minimise token tax

Great token tracking solutions combined with accounting

Make issuing tokens easy & minimises token tax for our employees.

“Navigating tokens and country jurisdictions can be difficult without the right help.”
Brit K.

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