Crypto accounting and tax for startups

For the smooth artist.

Helping NFT creators, NFT investors & digital asset traders maximise NFT gains & minimize NFT tax liability.

We're using our own all in 1 crypto accounting product so we stop piecing together 4 different tools + CSVs.

Minimize NFT tax liability
Track NFT asset performance
Track your NFT businesses income and expenses

An NFT Accountant

NFT Transactions
There were 2 transactions in the last week.
The Kart
The golden nugget
Keep track of your monthly NFT financials to make the right decisions.
Track NFT financials performance monthly
Be aware of NFT capital gains
Plan to minimize NFT tax at year end
Meeting Shake, NFT Tax Advisor
NFT Holdings Value
30,931 USD
2021 Net Gain/Loss
Optimise your NFT gain to pay the lowest NFT tax rate.
Monthly tax tracker to know how much you'll owe
Help to file year end taxes to ensure compliance
Advisory on activities to reduce tax liability
Andrew Thompson
Hi Bassil, I'm selling my tiger NFT for 10 ETH. What's my tax liability?
10 minutes ago
Hi Andrew, at your current run rate, you'll make about 120,000 USD by year end for which 50,000 is a likely tax payment.
As NFT creators, your receive ordinary income and pay income tax
Be aware of your NFT salary by year end
Filed taxes to stay compliance
Run payroll and pay crypto

A NFT accountant for the modern creator

Invest in NFT

Advise on which crypto asset to sell to purchase an NFT with lowest tax implications.

For NFT creators

Know your income by year end & get help to save on NFT tax.

NFT purchases

Constant view of your NFT portfolio and value.

NFT compliance

Ensure full compliance on your day to day NFT activity.
NFT Portfolio Snapshot
33,458 USD
1,933 USD
Feb 2022 Gains
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Get a financial overview for your NFT activity planning to maximise NFT gains & minimizes tax

startup crypto accounting and tax
“I'm no longer worried from the income I make through NFTs. I can be a pure artists now.”
Stacey B.

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