DAO accounting, there's a smoother way

Give DAO members insights into financials to instil confidence and make smarter decisions
Smoothen out your DAO's Financials

FTW DAO worked with Detof to manage financials and keep DAO members updated.

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Month over month financials for your DAO to keep members updated.
Project and plan DAO activity keeping an eye on finances.
Be aware of your monthly burn and runway based on token valuation.

A DAO Accountant

DAO Payments
There were 25 transactions in the last week.
DAO Token
Keep track of your monthly DAO financials to make the right decisions.
Track DAO's burn rate & runway
Financials in crypto or FIAT
Visibility into token performance and impact on financials
Meeting Mel, DAO Tax Advisor
DAO Token Value
300,000 USD
DAO Anticipated Tax
Help your DAO members with a financial overview so they can pay their share of taxes and be compliant.
If you have entities, we'll file FIAT taxes
We help with incorporation and structure to optimise tax
Keep track of token gain/loss for tax purposes

A modern software stack for your DAO

Knowing your DAOs financials doesn't need to be an admin nightmare.

“Getting clarity on our DAOs financials gives us security we're making the right decisions.”
Mary K.

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