We like to think we operate as a smooth as a baby's....

detof is a Swiss based Web 3.0 accountant giving financial visibility to crypto businesses, NFT creators, DAOs and startups.

When we knew Web 3.0 was going to be big.
We opened a firm to help Web 3 be compliant with accounting and tax
Launching our crypto accounting software to the world

2021, crypto accounting wasn't a thing

In 2021, crypto enthusiast enjoyed a bull market as crypto soared. They spent their gains without a worry in a world where regulators began to plot how to collect taxes from this new foreign world.

2022, I need crypto accounting.

There is still a lot of grey area around accounting and tax for Web 3.0. Many who partook in crypto's bull market are potentially facing large tax bills. This is where detof saw an opportunity to help. Providing financial visibility ensure you can optimise for taxes and keep track of monthly finances to make better decisions.

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Our Guiding Principles

1. Accuracy

In crypto & FIAT, ensuring you deliver accurate figures is highly important.

2. Quality

Quality is not something that is visible in our industry until you've tried a few different options. We specialise to ensure quality.

3. Honesty

We won't lie. We are OK to look foolish and say we don't know but then we hunt down the answers rather quickly.

4. Customer Before Self

We're available when you need us no matter the time and day.

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