Series A & Beyond

You've manage your own finances long enough. Let us take over so you can focus on your business

Some of our series A & beyond customers

Create budgets and forecasts
Track your monthly burn and runway in a complete FIAT & crypto overview
Clear breakdown of expenses and where you can save

Series A & Beyond needs

There were 25 transactions in the last week.
For accounting, set up a process that scales with your business
Use Dext to automate billing and Harvest or Request to automating invoicing
Earny to manage your payroll
Xero to simply accounting and consolidate entities
Meeting Antonella, Crypto Tax Advisor
Crypto Market Value
30,931 USD
2021 Net Gain/Loss
Optimise your tax situation throughout the year and throughout your entities
Know when to book expenses to reduce your tax liability
We coordinate with the kanton on tax filings and extensions
Optimise for transfer pricing scenarios between entities
Andrew Thompson
Hi Bassil, I want to buy Solana with my BTC, which one should I sell?
10 minutes ago
Hi Andrew, sell the BTC you purchase on Nov 8th, 2021. It costs you 67,582.60 USD per BTC.
Optimise for VAT
Know when to apply VAT and when not to
Be sure you're doing reverse mechanism to EU vendors
File VAT on time without headaches

A modern software stack for the seed stage startup

Make accounting easy & cost effective in a smooth, professional way.

startup crypto accounting and tax
“I'm no longer worried from the income I make through NFTs. I can be a pure artists now.”
Stacey B.

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