Transparent pricing for our accounting services


Great for pre-seed and pre-funded startups who need little support
Pricing for services

CHF 4,000

Billed Annually
Package Conditions
  • Onboarding to Xero, Dext & Earny
  • AP & AR recon, Payroll
  • VAT and tax compliance
  • Establish good financial process
  • Annual financial statements
  • VAT and tax filing
  • Due diligence prep for fundraise
  • Crypto accounting (if needed)

Series A & Scale Up

Great for startups that raised capital and need to off load accounting and admin.
Pricing for services

CHF 10,000

Billed Annually
Package Conditions
  • Take over AP & AR process
  • Optimise for VAT and tax
  • Improve financial process for scale
  • Budgetting, forecasting and CFO
  • Quarterly financial statements
  • CFO level support
  • Prepare for upcoming audit
  • Weekly advisory calls (as needed)

Series B and Beyond

This plan is mostly to support your in-house finance team's accounting
Pricing for services

CHF 20,000

Billed Annually
Package Conditions
  • Handle accounting function
  • Optimise for VAT and tax
  • Manage crypto accounting
  • Internal audit
  • Fully compliant accounting
  • Covered for all Swiss admin filings
  • Audit to ensure compliance
  • Compliant crypto bookings

Common Questions

Are these fixed fees for the year or just estimates?
We provide fixed fees for bookkeeping services however you can expect a bit more if you require some additional advisory. If interested to learn more, please Contact Us.
Do I need to use your recommended softare?
No. We work with the software you have if you want to keep it. We're familiar with all sorts from Bexio, Sage, Abacus, MS Dynamics, Quickbooks and more.
Do you also file my taxes and Swiss VAT?
Yes, we file your taxes and Swiss VAT.
What if I'm not in Switzerland and I want to work with you?
We have clients which are not based in Switzerland and we work with them. We have partners in other countries which will ensure we are fully compliant locally.
Do you do audits?
No, we do not do audits. We work however with an auditor and can recommend him.
Do you do personal tax?
If your company is a client of ours, then we will do personal tax for you.

Startups, DAOs & crypto traders

Great for Web 3.0 startups, DAOs or crypto traders.
Pricing for services. Not our product.


billed monthly.
Package Conditions
  • 200,000 min asset holdings
  • 200 transactions
  • Multiple asset class (NFT, crypto)
  • Venture backed or revenue positive
  • Monthly reporting pack
  • Burn rate & runway overview
  • Up to date accounting for tax filing
  • Weekly advisory calls (as needed)


For corporates, accountants & auditors.
Pricing for services. Not our product.

To be discussed

billed monthly.
Package Conditions
  • 1,000,000 min asset holdings
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Multiple asset class (NFT, crypto)
  • In-house finance team
  • Assist monthly & quarterly close
  • In-house product building advice
  • Prepare for upcoming audits
  • Daily advisory calls (as needed)

Common Questions

I see you're working on a product, what is the pricing to use your product?
Our product is in development. We will have separate pricing for the product not tied to services. If interested to learn more, please visit our product page.
What if my transaction volume or asset holdings increase or decrease?
Transaction volume is directional. It gives us a starting point to assess how much our services will cost you.
I don't have 100K in assets yet but will be there soon. Can I still work with you?
Yes certainly. We work with many individuals and businesses that will reach these thresholds and we're happy to take them on ahead of time.
Can I switch from monthly to annual at any time?
Yes. You can switch anytime from monthly to annually.
I have more than 1 company, do I get a discount?
Currently we don't do discounts for multiple companies because its difficult to scale our efforts. When our product is released, then discounts can apply.
I'm an accountant and just need advisory, what's my package?
As an accountant, you can outsource your entire crypto department to use otherwise we can also work on an hourly basis. Either way, we accommodate to your needs.

Clients save 50% in costs when using crypto accountants


Avg profitability loss from not maximising for crypto tax

1 out of 2,500

For every 2,500 accountants only 1 specialises in crypto


Expected tax revenue that will be uncollected in 2021


Overall satisfaction working with a crypto accountant


NFTs sold on Open Sea as of January 2022.


Increase in crypto spending in 2021

Consumer satisfaction score

detof 96%
Local accountant 58%
Big 4 accountant 25%
“Crypto was a new area for our accountant. We needed specialists.”
Peter H.

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