Swiss accountant specialised in accounting & tax for crypto & startups

Smooth accounting for Web 3.0 & startups

Work with a Swiss accountant who understands crypto, startups & accounting.
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Our clients are crypto and startups

Get smooth

What is a Crypto accountant?

We keep things smooth.

We specialist in crypto and startups. So look no further.
Reconciled crypto
Monthly accounting
Tax & VAT filings

A modern software stack for Swiss accounting

Why we think we're smoother.

We adapt to our clients

Whether you're seed, Series A or crypto, we have a unique approach

I'm a seed stage startup

It's important you set up the right processes and software early. We help with that and then it's light touch from us.
Bitcoin February 2022
120,458 BTC
2022 Portfolio
2,393 BTC
Feb 2022 Gains
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I'm Series A & beyond or a profitable business

Your operations is getting serious and you need some pros managing accounting & tax. We do it all here to help you focus on growing your business further.
Startup runaway tracker
More months of runaway left
Cash in February 2023
Projected monthly burn
Cash Requirement

I issued a SAFT and token

Accounting & tax for SAFT can get tricky. We have experience here.
Julia Hustin, CMO
Total Token Allocation
65,000 USD
Feb 2022
15,550 USD

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I'm a DeFi business

We understand DeFi and use the right tools to be efficient in booking rewards.
DeFI Portfolio
There have been 5 transactions in the last week.
The Golden Needle
The Kart

I'm a DAO

Keep DAO members update on financials and file taxes should you have incorporated any entities.
DAO Limited
10 minutes ago
DAO limited. just paid you 450 tokens for "development work"
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We're build a Web 3 Accounting Product

There are tools for tax and portfolio management but nothing for accounting. So we're building our own.
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Additional consultation beyond 1 hour may incur a fee
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